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I think that boys are a little fatter and not difficult to wear clothes. The main thing is to be lingerie trade confident. I personally like boys who are a little fleshy. They are too thin to look very spiritual. Oh, this is a slap in the face, first of all, I think that the clothes are to adapt to your body and temperament, to reflect your strengths, to cover up the shortcomings, do not blame your body for clothes, do not wear knee clothes or skirts, do not wear Boots that are too high waist
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otherwise they will appear to be short legs~~ Do not wear horizontal stripes, fat. Simple and Corset generous to wear, the color should not be too messy, it is best to have the same color, short and exquisite jacket, taboo too loose pants, it is best not to pursue hip-hop style, I don’t know your age, I don’t know you. What type of clothes is there, but there are two kinds of wild colors in the cyan system. Generally, there is no mistake. One is black, one is white, black is calm, and some white is fresh and energetic. If the top is loose, you can consider the popular micro black and white. It should be very beautiful. Men's casual suits are not as constrained
professional suits. They can be paired with jeans, or with professional trousers. The upper Dress body can be worn with a T-shirt. It can also be paired with some popular slim shirts. Shoes can be paired with sports shoes. It can also be worn with casual style shoes and accessories. It is recommended that several
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classic reds are very eye-catching colors, so try to avoid large areas of red on the Okay clothing. Otherwise it will be too noisy. Also, don't match colors such as orange T-shirts. It will look very hot

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